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Analyzing Your Solar Site



Identifying Your Energy Needs and System Requirements

We bring our extensive expertise and experience to the process of designing a efficient and cost effective solar energy system for your home.  Using satellite imagery and information regarding your current utility usage, Inti Solar staff work closely with you to design the ideal system for your home and your budget.

1. Qualification Process

Our solar advisors will use the latest satellite imagery to look at your home and determine the solar viability of your home. We will look at the position of your roof and look for any potential obstructions which could cause shading issues which could make your home not a great candidate for solar.

2. Energy Analysis

Our solar advisors will assist you in obtaining your electric usage history from your local utility so that we can conduct a detailed energy analysis of your home energy consumption. Inti Solar uses a sophisticated commercial grade modeling software which allows us to accurately predict your energy savings along with the current rate & incentives in your areas.

3. Solar Scan

  Once we have your home’s electric consumption we will then perform a solar thermal scan of your roof to determine the solar irradiance (sunlight) for each roof plane in your property so that we can determine the best possible location for your solar panels.


We will also use LIDAR to build a model of your home and the surrounding area. LIDAR is a technology that utilizes lasers to measure distances and detect objects. LIDAR is used to create 3D digital elevation model, which can be used to predict heights of all objects, including surrounding obstructions and trees. This information helps accurately model shading for solar application.

5. 3D Model

 After building the LIDAR model will build a replica 3D model of your home and place panels on your roof along with any surrounding structures that may impact the performance of your solar system.

6. Proposal

Once we have completed our design modeling we will then present you with a proposal that shows your exact layout and expected energy production, at that time we will also review the options available for financing.