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Go Solar in North Carolina!

New Solar Rebates Available NOW (1-1-18) for residential customers in DEC/DEP Territory. $0.60/watt rebate, up to 10KW AC; 5MW carveout for residential-only customers per utility, per year.

North Carolina Solar Incentives

Utility Rebates

Utility rebates vary significantly in the state of North Carolina, please contact one of our solar advisors at 1-844-400 INTI and we can tell you if your local utility is offering any type of incentive or rebate.

Federal Investment Tax Credit

All 50 states are eligible for a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to reduce the cost of the system. This is calculated as 30% of the value of your system after the upfront rebate. If you choose to purchase or finance your system this tax credit goes to you directly through your federal tax return, and if you choose to lease your system will be assigned to your leasing partner which ultimately lowers your cost. Your solar specialist will calculate this for you and can consult with your accountant to fill out Form 5695 to claim your credit.

North Carolina Electricity Prices

North Carolina is ranked 14th for the nation’s highest electricity prices

Cost per kwh (cents)

Why are electricity prices important?

The power your solar panels produce reduces your electric bill. The higher the price of power, the more you save by generating your own.

And if electricity prices are low in your state, it might be because your utility company gets most of its energy from cheap coal. That makes solar less economical, but doesn’t take into account the long-term environmental costs of cheap fossil fuels.

How do solar rebates work?

Solar rebates are just like those you get for buying appliances. They usually come from utility companies looking to avoid fees for not generating enough renewable energy mandated by your state’s RPS.

Helping owners go solar often costs less than paying the fees. Some rebates reduce the upfront cost of going solar, and some are made as lump-sum payments to homeowners after installation.